Want to run a Bottle Drive?

The Cash for Containers campaign is ramping up. They’ve put together a pack of resources for all of you amped to get a local event happening. This can be found here and includes:

  • How To Guide: Step by step guide to organising and running a bottle drive in your community. This includes suggestions for finding extra funding.
  • Community Benefits – Explanation of how a bottle deposit scheme can benefit your group or community.
  • Poster templates –
    • An example of poster layout.
    • A word document with editable text boxes for the bottle limit, address and date, as well as space to add logos.
    • The photoshop file for the overall poster if you want to change more **please contact us if you want additional support formatting this poster to suit your group.
  • A template press release – Edit this to suit your group, and send it to the local news paper!
  • A petition form – You can print copies of this to collect petition signatures in person. If you can collect signatures directly onto a computer or tablet this will save us some admin later! You can find the online petition through kiwibottledrive.nz.
  • A poster/flier – This explains main points and benefits of bottle deposits.
  • InCentive to Recycle reports – The summary and full reports are a key research base we are backing our campaign with.

Shameful $19 Million Clean-up Bill For Taxpayers

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Shameful $19 Million Clean-up Bill For Taxpayers


Environment Minister Nick Smith today provided a little good news and far more frustratingly bad news for our shameful national scrap tyre problem.

The good news? Mr Smith has admitted New Zealand has a “long-standing problem” dealing with the five million scrap tyres produced every year.

The bad news? He’s spending $19 million of taxpayer funds on a short-term band-aid that helps private companies burn and shred tyres. While this money may subsidise operating costs for a few big businesses, it won’t stop irresponsible, illegal tyre dumping or cut the resulting public health and environmental costs.

Community Recycling Network chairman Marty Hoffart says the real solution lies in regulation that compels tyre companies to recycle tyres responsibly. They are 100% recyclable.

“It’s utterly exasperating that the minister won’t do the right thing,” Mr Hoffart says. “Tyre companies want this legislation, councils and environmentalists have been begging him for it for years. Countless studies show it’s the best way to deal with scrap tyres and it’s what already happens in Canada, Europe, Japan and almost every other OECD nation.”

Mr Hoffart says a compulsory product stewardship scheme would ensure that producers and consumers rather than taxpayers covered the cost of re-using or recycling tyres courtesy of an existing disposal charge we currently pay to purchase new tyres. Every tyre sold would already have the recycling paid for.

The charge is already there. We all pay it. All the Minister has to do is redirect it to a regulated programme. We are not talking about any new money or any public funds.

“Right now, tyre shops are charging a supposed recycling fee of about $4 to $5 per tyre but, in the absence of legislation, most of that money is not going towards recycling. They don’t have to and this announcement is not going to change it. We know this because more than 75% of all tyres are dumped either illegally or in landfills.”

He says the government’s latest proposal offers no incentive to tyre shops to change their current practice or behaviour.

“Why would a business in Nelson or Whanganui suddenly pay to ship their scrap tyres to Golden Bay Cement in Whangarei, when they can cut them up and stick them in a skip bin or can pay a dodgy guy with a truck $1 a tyre to dump them out of sight on a construction site, vacant land or down the nearest gully?

They will continue to go to the cheapest disposal point until the Minister uses regulation to change that. The government needs to look past voluntary schemes because that is what they are proposing yet again and it hasn’t worked anywhere in the world for scrap tyres.

“Instead of using regulation to fix the problem, our government is using tax dollars to throw at problem their bad policy has created. It’s shameful.”

Nick Smith 2012 press release promising to get tough on tyres and use regulation: https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/tyre-recycling-initiative-announced
Nick Smith 2017 press release giving away public money instead: https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/waste-tyres-be-used-cement-manufacture


Marty Hoffart
Chairman, Community Recycling Network 027 230 2256

CRN Webinar Series

At the hui last year we floated the idea of a regular webinar and got ideas for potential topics from members. At lunchtime on the 24th May we’re launching on the programme and making the most of the combined expertise of the CRN Board with the Topic ‘Been there, done that’: The CRN Board answer your questions and share their experience in Resource Recovery. This is an opportunity for members to get advice, try out ideas on people who’ve had plenty of successes and a few failures, and hopefully get inspired by the collective wisdom of some of the best in the business.

We’ll be using Zoom as the webinar platform, it’s free for people to join the session, and it’s relatively simple to use, you need to follow the link below on the day and you’ll automatically join the meeting. It’s the first time we’ll be using the software for this purpose, I will hopefully be able to control noise and camera issues, but be prepared to make your face shown and use the mute button. Zoom may need to be downloaded before you can join the meeting, so its a good idea to check it out before the webinar starts.

Please let me know if you are intending on joining the webinar by emailing me, Dorte, on admin@communityrecyclers.org.nz or 021 975 352. And let me know what questions you’d be interested in having answered too, the more we can prepare the Board, the better the session will be.

The meeting link is https://zoom.us/j/502865962

2017 Election Year Campaign

It’s that time again…

Once again, as citizens of this great place, we get to have a say in how our country is run and who we want to be in charge of the political power.

We all work in this sector for a bunch of reasons, but lots of them are probably to do with wanting to strengthen our communities and believing that looking after our resources is part of doing that. We are encouraging our members to get involved this election by contacting their local candidates, finding out where they stand on issues relating to community recycling and encouraging them to support the policies we think would make a real difference to how waste and resources are dealt with in this country. To help you with that we’ve written a letter that you can use in your approach to local people. It’s a letter that you can format and edit to include your own details and ideas. Or you can use the ready-to-go PDF version.

Happy election campaigning people!

Word version: TEMPLATE_Election Candidate letter

PDF version: 2017 Election

CRN is hiring

We are currently recruiting for two positions:

  • Logistics Leader
  • Project Administrator

More information on each of these positions is below.

Please call Dorte on 09 372 7289 or 021 975 352 or email admin@communityrecyclers.org.nz if you have any questions about these roles.



If you believe you possess the skills for either of these roles and would like to join the CRN team, please email your cover letter and CV to Dorte Wray – admin@communityrecyclers.org.nz, with the reference of either ‘Admin Position’ or ‘Logistics Manager Position’ as the subject.

Closing Date: 5pm, Friday 13 April 2017

Applicants for both positions should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.


Logistics Leader

We are a not for profit organisation working in the field of Resource Recovery. We are looking for an operational superstar to join our team. The role is customer facing, working with community groups, our corporate waste company partner and Auckland Council. It is both logistical and operational, with ample opportunities to use your problem-solving skills.

Reporting to the Project Manager, you will also be responsible for the auditing function and report on this on a daily basis.

In general you will:

  • Work alongside the Project Manager to ensure the good operation of the Glen Innes Inorganic Project warehouse
  • Manage the relationships between the community groups and other stakeholders
  • Oversee the auditing function, including training of collection staff
  • Be responsible for Health & Safety

Key Attributes:

  • Be a team player in a dynamic team
  • Be a people person
  • Have a passion for waste minimisation
  • Work well with both the community sector and corporate groups
  • Enjoy problem solving
  • Strong communication skills, problem solving ability and professionalism
  • The ability to learn new technology and skills

Computer skills essential for the role.

The full time position of 35 hours per week.


Project Administrator Super Star

We are looking for high performing quality administrator to join our close knit, fun and hardworking team. The position is a fixed term/permanent part-time position and is based in our Glen Innes warehouse, with some flexibility in terms of working from home.

The purpose of this role is to provide administrative and organisational support to the management team.

In general, your time will be split between:

  • Supporting the AIR (Auckland Inorganic Reuse) project manager with reporting; data collection/analysis and; general administration tasks (8 hours per week)
  • Supporting the CRN Executive Officer with stakeholder engagement, data collection and general administration tasks (4 hours per week)

You will have:

  • A passion for resource recovery and community enterprise.
  • Excellent administration skills and a passion for working in a busy and varied role with multiple stakeholders
  • Strong MS Office knowledge: Excel, Word and Powerpoint
  • A proactive, flexible and adaptable nature
  • Strong communication skills, problem solving ability and professionalism
  • An ability to complete multiple administration support tasks
  • The ability to learn new technology and skills