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As part of that meeting we will be voting on members of our governing body, the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is made up of up to 10 volunteer representatives of FULL members of CRN. We’re looking for up to six Board members, for a term of two years.

There’s more information about the trustee role here.

If you’re interested in being on the Board or know someone that you think would be great, you can nominate them, or yourself by emailing Dorte on

A WASTED OPPORTUNITY – new report promises paradigm shift

Press release – embargoed till 6am July 3


A WASTED OPPORTUNITY – new report promises paradigm shift


Major change is being mooted to the way New Zealanders pay for the waste they dump.

An independent report, released today, advocates a raft of changes to the government’s compulsory disposal waste levy in order to significantly slash waste and more than double recycling rates while creating 9000 new jobs.

“This plan they’re outlining is a game-changer,” Community Recycling Network chairman Marty Hoffart says of the proposals by report author Eunomia Research and Consulting.

“We’re creating 15.5 million tonnes of waste every year and dumping more than 70% in landfills. This report proposes a paradigm shift rather than tinkering around the edges of our mammoth waste problem.”

Mr Hoffart says New Zealand’s current waste levy of $10 per tonne is probably the lowest in the world and a fraction of what’s charged in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and the United States. It certainly fails to cover the economic and environmental costs of dealing with waste.

“They’ve called this report ‘A Wasted Opportunity’, and they’re right. If we ramped that levy up to where it should be, we’d reap massive economic benefits of something like $500 million per year and raise recycling rates from 28% to 60%.”

The report was commissioned by a group of 16 public and private sector organisations from throughout New Zealand, including Auckland Council and environmental sector representatives.

Mr Hoffart said the proposals made both economic and environmental sense.

“If we keep producing waste at our current rate, this country is in serious trouble. This report shows us what we have to do to reduce waste and improve recycling rates, so all we need now is political leadership to make it happen.”

For more information, please contact:

Marty Hoffart, Community Recycling Network chairman

027 277 0811,


The summary of A Wasted Opportunity can be read here:

A high-resolution infographic summarising the key findings can be downloaded here:


About the Waste Disposal Levy: The levy is $10 per tonne (excluding GST) on all waste sent to landfill. The levy was introduced under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. Disposal facility operators must pay the levy based on the weight of material disposed of at their facility. However, they may pass this cost on to the waste producer such as households and businesses.

Collective Impact Infographic

CRN, Environment Hubs Aotearoa and the Community Energy Network have developed this one pager to help explain the impacts of this awesome community enterprise network we’re building.

Well done to all of you working hard on food resilience and restoration proejcts, installing insulation and getting curtains up in houses to keep them warm, and working with your communities on composting projects running reuse centres and all the other fantastic projects happening around the country.

Please download and use the infographic widely here: Collective Impact infographic

Strengthening Communities Supporter Pack

Keen to come to the hui, but know its going to be a stretch to get your team there? Why not ask your local council to support. We’ve developed a supporters pack that explains the event and suggests why Councils should get behind the event.

We have sent this to our contacts in the Councils around New Zealand, but think it’s probably more effective if it comes from you too.

Download the PDF here.

Message in a Bottle campaign

Here’s all the information about the MiaB campaign from campaign Coordinator, Rowan Brookes:

“We need your help this weekend and this month!

I am writing to follow up the email you may have received earlier in the week from Sandra Murray at the NZPSC about the Message in a Bottle (MiaB) call-to-action that the Kiwi Bottle Drive campaign is launching tomorrow. We will be at a Milford beach clean-up from 10-12, and at the Sustainable Coastlines “Flagship” on the Auckland Waterfront, from 12:30-2:30 – please join us if you are able!

We have put together material for you to send to supporters:
This includes a template email, material for a blog post, a social media guide/content, infographics, a label to address bottles with and the most current petition form (please start using this one).

The campaign: MiaB calls for people to send a message on a plastic bottle, to Scott Simpson, Associate Minister for the Environment, asking for a Bottle Deposit scheme to be introduced. Bottles can be sent Freepost Parliament.

We are also asking people to take a photo or video of themselves with their bottled message and post it on social media.

We will be getting celebrities and politicians to also post bottles.

The call-to-action does not have an end date. It will run while the Kiwi Bottle Drive campaign is running.

We are aiming for 10,000 messages in a bottle to be sent before the election.


Key Messaging:

I want bottle deposits because:

  • I want local jobs
  • Its pocket money!
  • Its cash for community groups
  • Its keeps our beaches clean
  • I want 85% recovery of packaging
  • etc


How can you help:

  1. Today:
  • Take photos or videos which you can load onto social media from Saturday onwards. Ask people you know if they will have their photo taken with a bottle. Be creative and ask creative types to help out on this fun activity.
  • Send out an email to supporters – or prepare this to send tomorrow (see template in google drive). But note we don’t want to start posting anything until Saturday. Please also share with any supporters or media who may be interested.
  • If you are a resource recovery centre print out some labels to put on bottles or contact us about getting some stickers (they cost 6c each if you can afford to help with costs).
    Ideally, we will launch Saturday (TVNZ are supporting us) and then from Saturday other people will load photos and videos to follow it up.
  1.   Saturday 1 July:
  • If you are in Auckland: Can you come down to either Milford Beach at 10am or go to Sustainable Coastlines Flagship on the waterfront, 12:30-2:30  to be photo’d with bottles and interviewed by cameras? Let us know if you can and we can pass on more details.
  • Post and share on social media. We will have officially launched by 11am and at this point would love our supporters to also start sharing their photos of bottles sent, posts in support, and engaging with our content.


  1. Ongoing – There is no ends date set for this – we are aiming for 10,000 bottles to go to Scott – so he gets the message!
  • Post bottles to Scott. Either flatten them and put them in the post box or take them into a Post Shop and put them in the parcel bag.
    Postage is free as long as it’s under 1kg. NZ Post have been warned but your local post shop is probably unaware.
    Get other people to post bottles too – if you have foot traffic or customers – encourage them to post messages in a bottle.
  • Post photos / videos online
    Please take photos or videos and post them to your own or our social media:
    Please see attached Social Media briefing for our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and associated hashtags to use
  • If you see a post online please comment and share.
  • Sign the petition and promote it
    We are stretched for time as we are a small team – it you can data entry paper copy petition signatures into the website or get them to sign up direct that would be really really helpful.


We have strong support for Bottle Deposits: strong political support (apart from National) and widespread public support.

We can do this – together: we can get a Bottle Deposit Scheme in New Zealand.


Thank you!

Rowan Brooks

Campaign Coordinator: The Kiwi Bottle Drive


Sign the petition for a bottle deposit scheme!