Love Food Hate Waste Lesson Plans

The Love Food Hate Waste Campaign has launched four food waste lesson plans that can be used by primary or intermediate schools to explore the issue of food waste and how it can be minimised.

The issue of food waste is attracting increasing global attention due to its environmental, social and economic impacts. One-third of all of the world’s food produced goes to waste. If food waste was a country, it would be third behind the US and China in terms of carbon emissions.

When food is thrown away it ends up being buried in a landfill. Here it decomposes without oxygen, and releases methane – a harmful greenhouse gas which is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. This greenhouse gas traps and absorbs heat which slowly over time is raising the earth’s temperature.

In New Zealand, food waste audits show that the average family throws away three shopping trolleys worth of edible food every year. On a national scale, that’s 122,547 tonnes of food waste just from homes alone, going to landfill every year costing us $872 million every year. That’s not even including the food that supermarkets throw away!

The lessons which link to the New Zealand curriculum promote the issue of food waste in a fun and engaging way and focus on an aspect of food waste which schools often grapple with – the half eaten apple.


Click here for the schools resources and lesson plans.

Click here to learn how you can reduce food waste in schools.


The Love Food Hate Waste provides additional resources on this issue here.


Introducing our new Board

Elections were held at our 2017 AGM on the 2nd October for places on the Zero Waste Network Board of Trustees. These people provide strategic direction, support for our staff and, as a small organisation with limited resources, do lots of the work too!

Three candidates were elected:

Karen Driver – Nelson Environment Centre (returning)

Green Jon Morgan – McLaren Park & Henderson South Community Trust (returning)

Sarah Jane Murray – EcoMatters (returning)

A massive thank you to these three, who have been kindly agreed to stick with us for a bit longer!

In addition, Matthew Luxon from Envision was co-opted to the Board. Envision is a Associate member of Zero Waste Network, and therefore can’t stand for election, but Matthew has shown incredible dedication to zero waste and this organisation, and we’re stoked that he’s agreed to come on in a governance role.

These four join our permanent trustees Cliff Colquhoun, Sue Coutts, Marty Hoffart, Rick Thorpe.

Looking forward to working with you all!

Story of my life trying to get this group all in one place, and not managing it, but we did attempt to take a team photo – From left: Cliff, Karen, Rick, Marty, Matthew, Des, Dorte (missing Green Jon, SJ, Sue Coutts and Des’s team – Candide and Jess).

Strengthening Communities hui awesomeness

Thanks to all of you who joined us in Ōtautahi for our annual hui. It was a great few days with lots of learning, great conversation and even better singing. Hopefully the connections between the people who came, and the three networks –  Zero Waste, Community Energy and Environment Hubs – will continue to build strong communities.

Thanks so much to those who filled in the survey, we really appreciate your time and responses and can’t wait to make an even better event next time.
To those who haven’t filled it in please do so here. The link to the notes, presentations and photos is here. It’s called a padlet – scroll to the right for more content and scroll down within each column to see more presentations, videos and slides, also within the padlet is another link to a photo page.
There is a column called links and surveys which currently gives you Liana’s details in case you need a super facilitator and to the Blueskin Renewable Energy Survey. If you have something you’d like to share in this column you can add it using the plus symbol and one of us will moderate it.
Another huge thank you to our sponsors, especially those who were able to join us at Living Springs, even for a couple of hours – it was wonderful being able to have you all there, and long may the conversations continue.
Check out the webpages of this years supporters below:

Resource recovery training now available

We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of our Resource Recovery Training programmes, developed and delivered with the support of Auckland Council.

The aim of the programme is to provide relevant skills and knowledge required to safely and effectively work at a community resource recovery centre. There will be two courses on offer – a Certificate in Resource Recovery Operations and a Certificate in Resource Recovery Management.

Our first two-day Resource Recovery Operations training course will be happening in Auckland on November 20-21st. For more information on the Certificate in Resource Recovery Operations download the programme summary here.

The course will cover the basics of machinery, equipment, processing, health & safety and zero waste concepts. It is suitable for those currently employed in the sector, or those interested in being employed in the sector.

The cost is $150 excl GST per attendee for Auckland participants and $550 excl GST per attendee for those people coming from outside of Aucklan.

If this seems like a great deal for Aucklanders, it is. We will be using some of our Auckland Council funding to offer subsidies to Auckland groups, in support of the building of a great Auckland Resource Recovery Network. For those of you outside of Auckland we would be interested in getting a similar thing happening with other councils so do get in touch if this is something you’d be interested in working with us on.

If you want more info on the November course email or call Marty on 0272302256 or email


The images are from tour September pilot course that ran in Alexandra with Alex and Wanaka Wastebusters staff.

Let’s hear it for the Seagull Centre!

Wonderful to hear about the recognition that our Thames members, the Seagull Centre, have been getting recently. Awesome work guys!


Community Waikato – Dragon’s Den event

From 22 organisations, Seagull Centre came 2nd in the finals at their annual conference  – credible result plus $5000!

Seagull had 5 staff members at the Hamilton event .. one dressed as a full sized chicken!


Thames Coromandel Business Awards (inaugural event)

Seagull Centre were finalists in two categories:  People’s Choice Award and the Sustainability Award …

And we won the Sustainability Award category !


Sustainable Business Network (AKL)

Seagull are confirmed as finalists in the ‘Partnering for Good’ category.

The awards event is being held on 30th November … finger crossed !!