CRN Webinar Series

At the hui last year we floated the idea of a regular webinar and got ideas for potential topics from members. At lunchtime on the 24th May we’re launching on the programme and making the most of the combined expertise of the CRN Board with the Topic ‘Been there, done that’: The CRN Board answer your questions and share their experience in Resource Recovery. This is an opportunity for members to get advice, try out ideas on people who’ve had plenty of successes and a few failures, and hopefully get inspired by the collective wisdom of some of the best in the business.

We’ll be using Zoom as the webinar platform, it’s free for people to join the session, and it’s relatively simple to use, you need to follow the link below on the day and you’ll automatically join the meeting. It’s the first time we’ll be using the software for this purpose, I will hopefully be able to control noise and camera issues, but be prepared to make your face shown and use the mute button. Zoom may need to be downloaded before you can join the meeting, so its a good idea to check it out before the webinar starts.

Please let me know if you are intending on joining the webinar by emailing me, Dorte, on or 021 975 352. And let me know what questions you’d be interested in having answered too, the more we can prepare the Board, the better the session will be.

The meeting link is

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