Compost time in Raglan

Update on the Raglan foodwaste collection project:

In August 2017 Xtreme Zero Waste rolled out Raglan’s kerbside foodwaste collection. The Xtreme team are really impressed with the uptake of the service both in terms of numbers of households contributing and the way people are following the guidelines.  The gear is working well –  XZW are getting good feedback on the household equipment from the community, and their new hybrid, left hand drive/exit truck is ideal for the one driver/collector operator.

They have been collecting 1.5 to 2 tonnes of foodwaste per week and mixing it with shredded garden waste to make hot compost in our Horizontal Composting Unit.  This system is super effective and can produce finished compost in 12-15 weeks. Check out the steam coming from the mixed pile below. 

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