Our Mission

Community Enterprises working together towards Zero Waste in New Zealand

The Community Recycling Network is the representative organisation of existing and emerging community groups involved in recycling, reuse, composting, waste reduction and waste education. One path to sustainability lies in recovering the valuable resources currently flowing into our waste streams. Working together towards a Zero Waste future enables communities to protect and enhance their local environment and social economy.

Through the principles of seeking inspiration, fostering connection and community empowerment CRN aims to;

  • Provide an effective voice and focal point for our sector
  • Create a network able to provide support, advice, guidance and mentoring
  • Establish working relationships with key Government agencies and NGO’s
  • Develop a strategic plan for co-ordinated community action
  • Foster partnerships with business and local authorities
  • Work towards our shared Zero Waste future

We all stand together and face what may come in this ‘life with waste’.